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Microsalt offers state-of-the-art medication-free and side-effect-free health solutions based on the creation of Dry Salt Aerosol.

Facts en figures

Did you know that...
Approximately 140 Million people in Europe and the United States suffer from asthma and that this number is increasing rapidly?

Salt Room Generations

Over the last years, the wellness and beauty market has been offered a wide variety of salt room concepts. In order to provide an overview of the various salt rooms that are available today, this article tells you more about the differences between them.



In 2007, Microsalt has introduced an innovative salt room concept based on intelligent Dry Salt Aerosol solutions, called Salounges.


ClimaClinic rooms provide the medication-free answer to people who have a curative need to clean their airways on a regular basis.


Climasupport helps active sports people to clean their airways on a frequent basis, before and/or after intense sports activities.

Preferred Partners

Microsalt is surrounded by a variety of valuable partners, reaching from customers to spa consultants, technology partners, sales partners and scientific institutes as well as architects. Despite the great variety in discipline and expertise, they share one thing in common; they are all adding value to the quality Microsalt is striving to offer to end-customers who are looking for optimal ways to support or improve their respiratory health.