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Halotherapy workshops

Microsalt offers workshops to customers that either operate a Salt room or consider starting one or more.

The workshops are provided by a physician who has extensive experience how to operate a Salounge.

During the workshop, the following subjects are presented:
• What is halotherapy?
• How should halotherapy be applied correctly?
• What does dry salt aerosol inhalation do inside the airways?
• Who could benefit from halotherapy?
• Which therapy program should be used by who?
• How to operate a Salounge successfully?

Installation and after sales support

Installation of a Dry Salt Aerosol environment requires special expertise. Our people have vast expertise on air flow behavior and understand the impact of criteria like temperature and humidity on airborne salt aerosol particles.

Based on the physical location where a Dry Salt Aerosol environment is installed, Microsalt works out a detailed plan in collaboration with her customer. On average the installation, testing and calibration of the technology takes from 0,5 day up to 2 days.

Design products

In order to create optimal relaxation experiences, Microsalt salt rooms can be equipped with special lighting, scent, laser devices and exclusive chairs.

Microsalt has developed its own lasersystem that is capable of creating beautiful "salt surfaces" in the air. At a height of 2.20 meter, the laser system projects a horizontal surface that lights up millions of salt crystals.

Microsalt laser systems can be provided in green and blue color.

Climatization & Drying

A Microsalt Salounge microclimate consists of clean dried air that is brought inside the salt room on a predefined temperature. The air supply is constant as well as the exhaust of it. Dried air is distributed evenly over the salt room in order to create a slow but steady air flow.

Microsalt uses adsorption dryer devices as well as proprietary air conditioning device that manages temperatures throughout the year.


The Micronizer forms the heart of our salt room concepts. The Micronizer processes the salt and creates a Salt Aerosol with a particle range suited to penetrate deeply into the airways, reaching from sinuses to alveoli.
Microsalt offers a range of Micronizers, reaching from low-cost, easy-to-use Micronizers that require manual refilling up to fully automated, internet-enabled devices that require no handling during the day.
All our micronizers produce dry salt aerosol by means of deeply dried compressed air instead of mechanical grinding mills.

Create your Salt Room

A Salounge salt room consists of a relaxation room and in most cases adjacent technology room. Depending on where the Salounge is situated, an entrance room might be needed to ensure that humidity stays outside the room (e.g. when the Salounge is located close to a swimming pool).

All 3 rooms are actively dried to ensure an optimal climate for respiratory cleaning services and to avoid that the building materials can corrode. The entrance room has little overpressure compared to the salt room and technical room.

Product development

Product development and intellectutal property are important assets within Microsalt to stay ahead of the competition. Microsalt develops her solutions in collaboration with institutes that have vast expertise in various areas, reaching from industrial processing and air quality control to climatization and visualization techniques. Microsalt believes that product development will lead to an optimal fit to market demands while meeting the highest requirements set by medical institutes and invests time and capital to fulfill her customers needs now and in the future.

Authentic & natural salt cure

Inhalation treatments in natural salt caves (Speleotherapy) have been known since long.


In 2007, Microsalt has introduced an innovative salt room concept based on intelligent Dry Salt Aerosol solutions, called Salounges.


Microsalt believes it is important to actively perform research in collaboration with scientific institutes.

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